Booster Club

Purpose Statement

Fergus Falls Wrestling Club, Inc. was organized as a Minnesota Non-profit Corporation in 1989. Its purpose is to advance, promote and enhance the spirit of wrestling through educational, charitable and recreational programs. Over the years, the club has funded equipment purchases, transportation assistance and staff to support K-6 Youth Wrestling, as well as the middle and high school programs.

The wrestling club board meets approximately once per month during the off-season, and twice per month in-season. Are you passionate about kids and the sport of wrestling? We would love to to have you join us! Board meetings are always open to the public. Come check us out! For information on the next board meeting, use the "Contact Us" form available in the menu, or by clicking here.

Current Board

Cory Budke
Rob Fronning
Bridget Grenier
Jason Grenier
Roger Hahn
Nick Kraft
Matt Price
Cory Samp
Reyna Samp
Dan Schindler
Adam Schlepp
Troy Turchin

Do you have a question or concern? Please feel free to contact the Otter Wrestling Club Board directly using the form below.